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What’s new on Version 2!?

We’re proud to officially release the new Version 2 template for Rockdizmusic!

Key Features:

Improved Search – We’ve worked very hard to make our search engine much more useful and accurate compared to our old search engine. When you search, you’ll automatically be searching through our Single Song Listings and then on the Search Results page you’ll be able to select which category you’d like to search through.
Single Song List – Individual songs now have their own profiles where you can listen to songs and find and submit lyric information.
Genres – All songs and videos are organized into genres so if you came to RDM to browse certain styles in music, this will be a great feature for you.
Report Error – We now have a “Report Error” button that’ll send us a direct email informing us of any error you may find on RDM. With a limited amount of contributors to RDM you can help by identifying problems we might have missed.
We have a solid team that’ll be bringing you updates in nearly every section of the site. If you have any more suggestions then feel free to contact us: inquiry[at]
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